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Stephanie Levitz

New immigration levels more than just numbers

OTTAWA—A possible clue to how the federal Liberal government will arrive at its annual immigration targets for 2018, to be unveiled tomorrow, can be found in a similar provincial plan unveiled just last week.

Quebec, which sets its own immigration targets in connection with the federal government, is aiming to bring in some 51,000 people—a target that's unchanged from 2017.

Holocaust monument to be closed in winter

OTTAWA—The newly-opened National Holocaust Monument will close for winter to avoid any damage that could be caused by the need to clear snow.

But the fact so much time and expense went into the soaring concrete structure just west of Parliament Hill, only to end up being closed for half the year, is raising questions about why the Liberal government can't find a way to keep it open.

Asylum claim backlog could reach 11 years

OTTAWA—A increase in asylum claims in Canada eventually could mean a staggering 11-year wait for a hearing and $2.97 billion in federal social supports for claimants in the meantime, an internal government analysis has concluded.

The Immigration and Refugee Board already is trying to whittle down its current backlog, but received no new money in the latest federal budget.