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Sherry George

Take energy forward

Dear editor:

I’d like to address some of the recent comments around the market square and the fort idea.

First of all, it’s good to see so many people willing to share their thoughts. It quickly becomes clear how passionate our residents are about their community and where it is headed; and truly that’s not a great surprise.

Museum looking for new ideas

Our community museum is in great shape.

We have a beautiful, completely-modern facility in a central location downtown. We also have two great attractions on the waterfront: the logging tugboat “Hallett,” which symbolizes our beginnings, and the Lookout Tower, which provides a magnificent view of the upper river and town.

Workshop slated on preserving family heirlooms

A lovely but fading photo of Uncle Cornelius and Great Aunt Mildred, a marriage certificate that belonged to your grandparents, a stiff pair of leather suspenders that you still associate with a beloved great-grandfather.

We all have similar keepsakes. Items too dear to us to get rid of, but slowly deteriorating in an unused cupboard.

What to do with them!