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Sarah Pruys

Still room in BizKids Camp

The Northwest Business Centre will once again be holding “BizKids Camp” here in town from Aug. 19-23.

Diane Schwartz-Williams, who organizes the program, noted that there are approximately 10 spots available and so parents are encouraged to sign their children up soon.

Thursday at noon is the cutoff for registration.

First-time rider

Vai Lockman, four, flew off the bus to greet his Mom following the annual “First Rider” program at Rainy River District School Board office Tuesday morning. Aimed at children beginning school this fall, the youngsters watched a short video on bus safety before taking a practice ride to Robert Moore, St. Michael’s, and J.W. Walker.

Watching ’em dig

Everett Aucoin, left, and his brother, Jarrett, watched as construction crews dug up more of Second Street at Victoria Avenue yesterday. Due to a collapsed sewer pipe, the unscheduled work was started and will hopefully be fixed shortly. However, the pipe is broken in at least one other area which complicates things.

Hopeful royalty

Ashley Croswell, left, grinned alongside Hailey Wirtz, Kaitlyn Cottam, and Madison Allan before the Emo Fair Queen “meet-and-greet” barbecue last Wednesday evening at the Emo Sportsfield. The hopefuls will find out who will become the 2013 Emo Fair Queen tomorrow (Aug. 15) upstairs at the Emo Arena following their “Entertainment Night” that begins at 6 p.m.

Flower show

Donna Wasykowski wrote down her pick for the “People’s Choice Award” at the Fort Frances Horticultural Society’s annual “Flower Show.” The show, which took place from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. at the Clover Valley Farmers’ Market on Saturday, had 17 entries vying for the top award, as well as many other plant and flower samples out for the public to admire.

Barber concert

Country singer Del Barber crooned stories of life on the Prairies and on the road yesterday evening at Cornell Farms in La Vallee. The softly-lit barn was filled with people who came out for the two-and-a-half hour concert, which included opening acts by local performers Mike McCaig, this year’s “Quest” winner, and Lauren Gurski.

Miracle Treat Day

Long-time Dairy Queen employee Nissa Blase mixed up an Oreo Blizzard this morning to kick off Miracle Treat Day while Chantal Caul watched. The annual fundraiser runs until 10:30 p.m., with all proceeds from Blizzard sales going to the Children’s Miracle Network.

Colourful tiaras

Four-year-old Thea Denby, left, and Addison Chown took colouring their tiaras very seriously at the “Royal Tea Party” hosted by the Fort Frances Public Library Technology Centre yesterday morning. Fifteen children attended the event, which also saw them parade around the library following tea, cookies, and Storytime.