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Sarah Pruys


Serena Cousineau and Even Bagacki were all smiles after being crowned mini-queen and king in the 2012 “Fun in the Sun” competition. Seven girls and four boys were up for the title in front of the museum last Wednesday morning, and they all received a gift bag for their participation in the short interview that was held to determine the winner.

Bear care

Madison Thomson, eight, had Dr. Elaine Spencer examine her teddy bear’s eye at the “Teddy Bear Picnic” on Friday afternoon at the library. The doctor was kept busy by a steady stream of stuffed patients coming through with scratches and broken limbs, which she healed with band-aids and other dressings.

Lemonade for sale

Nine-year-old Simone Payne, left, Cassidy Roach, 10, Mya Hamilton, nine, and Kaden MacNeil, 12, set up shop beside Tim Hortons on Friday afternoon selling lemonade as temperatures continued to rise. With their reduced prices, they hoped to attract a few customers to buy lemonade rather than coffee.

Parade watchers

Addison Noonan, four, pointed our the start of the Canada Day parade on Sunday evening, while Ava Botsford, four, and Ethan Noonan, six, watched. The parade featured multiple floats, antique cars, emergency service vehicles, children biking, bagpipers, and of course, candy.

Eating freezies

Following the Fort Frances Day Care’s annual Canada Day parade down Portage Avenue this morning, when children waved flags and yelled, “Happy Birthday Canada,” preschoolers Portia Spuzak, left, and Olivia Arch-Allen sat down to enjoy freezies before continuing to play outside.

Beach fun

Tessah Labbe, left, eight, along with her sister, Taylor Godin, four, and their friend, Sydney Anderson, seven, cooled off at Pither’s Point Park yesterday afternoon. With temperatures reaching 28 C, cooling off in Rainy Lake was a great way to spend the summer afternoon.

Mini Queen

“Mini-Queen 2012” Serena Cousineau, was presented with a crown necklace by “Mini-Queen 2011” Piper Lidkea yesterday in front of the Fort Frances Museum. With her big smile, her love of catching butterflies, playing with Barbies, and ballet, Cousineau won over the judges in a competition that included six other contestants.

Mini King

Melissa Gushulak, organizer of the “Fun in the Sun” mini-king and queen event, interviewed one of the four mini-king contestants, Even Bagacki. Bagacki, who told the audience his favourite colour is silver and his favourite band is Alvin and the Chipmunks, went on to win the title of “Mini-King 2012.”