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By Sara Moulton The Associated Press

French Onion Soup Burgers are perfect entree for Labor Day

If you’re a fan of traditional French onion soup and who isn’t? you’re going to love this burger. It’s kitted out with all of the ingredients that make the soup such a treasure tender, browned onions, beef broth, red wine, Gruyere cheese and French bread and finally lathered up with mustard mayo. Rich and full of flavour, this burger is the perfect entree for a Labor Day bash.

KitchenWise: Crispy Shrimp Tacos are baked, not fried

From taco trucks to Mexican restaurants, tacos are just about everywhere these days. And why not? A taco is exactly as handy, versatile and filling as a sandwich, and crunchy to boot. Lots of folks dream of making these fried corn tortillas at home, but some pull up short at the prospect of having to deep-fry them. The solution? Don’t fry them.

Cheese Sandwich Souffle is easy weeknight meal

One time many years ago, I was riffling through my grandmother Ruth’s box of handwritten recipe cards when I pulled up short at the sight of the title of this recipe for Cheese Sandwich Souffle. Souffle? Fancy! But reading the details, I quickly understood that this item was nothing more or less than the wedding of a ham-and-cheese sandwich and some French toast.