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Sam Odrowski

Fanning flames

Scott Galusha blew big gusts of wind onto his fire in hopes of being the first competitor to bring his can of water to a boil at the annual loggers' competition held Friday morning in conjunction with the Emo Fair. A total of 14 contestants squared off in a variety of logging competitions in front of the grandstand. See more photos on A2.

Midway games

Bowling for prizes was one of the many midway games available to Emo Fair attendees. Stuffed animals and other fun prizes were on the line as players aimed their best shot in hopes of a win.

Checking out lumber

Local MPP Greg Rickford, left, who also is the minister of energy, northern development and mines, was taken on a tour around the Manitou Forest Products' site by manager Dale Kaemingh before announcing a $910,000-plus investment in the district company's operations.

Axe throw

Jason Caul took his best shot at the bull's-eye during the axe throwing portion of the logging competition held Friday morning at the Emo Fair. Caul didn't place during this event but saw great success in the axe chop, two-man cross-cut, and tea boil, all of which he landed in first place.

Beef show

Marlee Bliss showed off her cow at the beef show on Friday afternoon at the Emo Fair. The show was an opportunity for people to show off the cattle they are raising on their farms.

Vegetable judge

Emo Fair judge Randy Creighton inspected a plate of green peppers alongside fellow judge Emily Watson in the Exhibiton Hall on Thursday afternoon. The pair scored these vegetables on their appearance, presentation, and closeness to their variety. All entries are scored according to the guidelines set out in the Association of Ontario Agricultural Societies' fair book.

Big bounce

Brock Visser had a blast bouncing around on the bungee trampoline at the Emo Fair on Thursday evening. Children enjoyed an array of fun midway rides, games, and activities.

Little library

Sandy Odrowski made good use of the “Little Free Library” on Saturday afternoon when she took out a book for her reading pleasure. The library, which is free for anyone to access, is located on the corner of Third Street East and Minnie Avenue.