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Sam Odrowski

Transportation policy revisions up for vote

The Northwest Catholic District School Board plans to vote on revisions to the Northwestern Ontario Student Services Consortium Transportation Policy at its regular meeting tonight.

The board also will discuss reports on the consolidation of St. Michael's and St. Francis schools here, student report cards and EQAO achievements, kindergarten registration, and its 2018-19 budget.

They're back!

Seagulls have returned to the Borderland area, including this one spotted on the docks at the Sorting Gap Marina yesterday afternoon. Local lore says three more “snows” will follow the gulls' return before spring arrives for good here.

Fairy lanterns

Dahlia Kaun worked away at her fairy lantern craft yesterday during a March Break activity hosted by the Fort Frances Public Library Technology Centre. Library staffer Andrea Avis helped the participating children create shapes to decorate their lanterns by using the library's new Circuit Maker.

Making blanket

Mason Hebert made a beautifully-decorated blanket with the help of his grandmother, Debbie Hebert, during a March Break workshop held Wednesday at the Sunset Country Métis Hall here. Snacks and refreshments also were provided.

Rickford throws support behind Ford

Local Progressive Conservative candidate Greg Rickford has recently thrown his full support behind newly-crowned party leader Doug Ford.

“I was not critical of Doug through the campaign frankly because, outside of his work as a Toronto city councillor, I hadn't known or understood too much about him,” Rickford explained during a conference call Monday morning.

Student sculptures

Robert Moore Grade 8 students Marissa Brown, left, and Kaidance Boston recently put their creative skills to the test when creating Mrs. Gibson's sculpture-based art project. The pair posed in front of a glass display full of fellow classmates' master pieces.