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Sam Odrowski

NCDS helping students find jobs

While Canada's youth unemployment rates remain fairly low, many high schoolers struggle to find part-time work.

To help students find a job, apply, and have a successful interview, staff at the Northern Career Development Service here have visited Fort Frances High School every other Wednesday for one-on-one sessions since the end of February.

Public school board outlines mental health support efforts

Having good mental health is critical to a person's overall well-being while poor mental health can cause some to have issues with their performance at work or school.

To address this issue, the Rainy River District School Board has implemented several different programs and campaigns to help both students and staff with their mental health.

Fort-born author publishes book

While most mainstream science fiction movies and books typically are geared towards a male audience, a Fort Frances-born author has been working to create more queer female representation in the genre.

Late last month, 26-year-old Laurel Johanson had her 115-page book, “All Things Mortal,” published by McNally Robertson Book Sellers in Winnipeg.

Trapping lesson

Brian Love of the Rainy River District Trappers' Council taught St. Michael's School students about trapping equipment, animal furs, and pelts during “Voyageur Day” there on Thursday. The trapping workshop was one of many stations students cycled through over the course of the day, which also included Métis jigging, syrup-making, indoor curling, and a scavenger hunt.

Delivering petition

Christine Hampton, organizer of the mill petition that garnered more than 2,500 signatures, handed it over to Troy Kadikoff, constituency assistance for local MPP Greg Rickford, shortly after noon yesterday at his constituency office on Scott Street.

Cooking lesson

Alexa Bagacki flipped a piece of French toast during the “You're the Chef” program at St. Francis School here earlier this month. The students also made fruit parfaits and learned some culinary skills during the cooking lesson.

Pillowcase Bingo

Students and their families (above) joined Crossroads staff for Family Literacy Night on Thursday, where they enjoyed a game of “Pillowcase Bingo.” As the first winner, Reid Seabrook, pictured below with his mom, Megan, had first pick for the specially-designed pillowcases up for grabs.