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Sam Odrowski

Drain stencil program

Grade 8 Fort High student Jailynne Taylor, centre, spray painted a “no dumping” stencil by a storm water drain on Flinders Avenue last Wednesday morning as fellow students Yasmeen Elkheir, left, Leathe Bruyere, Jerzi Calder, and Healey Jansen looked on.

Fitness kick-off

Fitness instructor Shannon Jackson led an outdoor fitness class at St. Francis School yesterday morning to kick off ParticipACTION's “Community Better Challenge.” The challenge, which runs until June 16, is a partnership with the Northwestern Health Unit to promote physical activity among students.

'Marzie Days' fundraiser

Gaby Emond sorted through some of the hundreds of flowers that were on display for the seventh and final “Marzie Days” fundraiser in Burris on Saturday where well over 2,000 plants were sold along with arts, crafts, and homemade baking. The organizer of the event, Barb Redford, was able to raise $7,6000 for the Winnipeg Children's Rehab Foundation that looks after her granddaughter.

Library releases annual report

The Fort Frances Public Library delivered a presentation to town council on Monday evening regarding its 2018 annual report and annual performance measurement indicators/statistics report.

Library board chair Robin Dennis and Library CEO Caroline Goudling were on hand to discuss the library's outlook for the year and accomplishments in 2018.