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Sam Odrowski

Art workshop

Shawna Grapentine held an art workshop at Crossroads School during its “Parent Engagement Night” last Wednesday. She taught groups of students and their families how to create a sunset with chalk pastels.

Drama highlight

Hallee Nugent entertained the Townshend Theatre audience, with the help of Amy Norris, during the pair's dramatic performance of “Get out of Bed” by Diane Shore last Tuesday night. The performance ended with big laughs from the crowd as the short poem concludes with a big kicker.

Woman bringing art to schools

An indigenous artist hosted an art workshop at Crossroads School in Devlin last Wednesday for its “Parent Engagement Night,” where well over 100 students and their families gathered for a wide array of crafts, games, and activities.

Groups of students and their parents gathered in a classroom to create a setting sun landscape using chalk pastels.

Schwartz award

Anna Schwartz shared a big smile as Sallee Dick of RTO District 1 presented her with the Emo and District Lions Club Award for most promising vocalist (18 years and under) last Tuesday. Schwartz also received the Debussy Piano Bursary.

Engagement lunches working to improve lines of communication

Donald Young School in Emo has been working to increase the lines of communication between teachers and parents through its monthly “Rainy River First Nation Parent Engagement Lunches.”

In the three years the program has existed, it has grown from one or two parents participating to 16 at the most recent lunch in April.

Pizza party

St. Michael's teacher Nathan Cousineau had a pizza party outside of the school on Thursday to celebrate with students who completed 65 lessons of the “Empower Reading” program. Created by Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto, it is used at schools across the country to help improve the literacy skills of students.

Student art

Bob Kowal, Indigenous Education Leader/Principal of School Support Services, admired some of the students' art at Crossroads School in Devlin yesterday evening during its “Parent Engagement Night.” The event saw an exceptional turnout, with the school's parking lot overflowing with vehicles.

Injury turns into a blessing

On a warm summer day in early August of last year, a Fort Frances woman's life forever changed when she injured her ankle while gardening.

What seemed like a misfortune for Cathie Sinninghe actually was a blessing in disguise.

It was a short time after she was laid up with a broken ankle that she discovered a newfound passion known as “pour painting.”