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Sam Odrowski

Birchbark baskets

Dana Bridgeman Cross and Blaire Cross shared big smiles as they crafted their birchbark baskets during a workshop last Wednesday at the Nanicost building here. More than 50 people crafted baskets under the direction of elders provided by the Seven Generations Education Institute.

Blasting confetti

A confetti cannon blasted out red-and-white pieces of confetti into the sky during the Canada Day parade that went along Front Street on Sunday morning. The float responsible for the festive blasts promoted the nighttime fireworks display and the sponsors who make it possible.

Cotton candy

Amanda Dent brought her cotton candy-making machine to Point Park on Sunday afternoon for the Canada Day festivities there. Despite the rain, she was able to serve up some smiles to those hungry for the popular carnival-style treat.

Basket making

Lori King, Cindy Baker, and Debbie Gaylord attended the “Birch Bark Making Workshop” held yesterday at the Nanicost building here. More than 50 people came through the workshop, during which elders taught them how to make baskets. The workshop has been put on every year around late June for the last 15 years, when birch bark is in the best condition to be crafted.

Grand opening

Margaret and Sonny Ferris enjoyed a free barbecued meal at Emo Feeds on Friday as part of its official grand opening. Plenty of sales and specials were held at the store last Thursday to Saturday, including the “Bucket Sale” where patrons received 15 percent off any items they could fit in a 16-litre bucket when purchasing said bucket.