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Sam Odrowski

Mother-daughter craft

Luck Murrell and her daughter, Mudmee, worked together on a leaf-printing craft where they painted leafs and pressed them against a piece of white paper at the Fort Frances Public Library yesterday morning. The craft was part of the “History Showcase” event hosted by the library and Fort Frances Museum for children ages five to 10.

Breastfeeding walk

A group of mothers strolled their babies along Scott Street on Thursday during a co-ordinated march for “World Breastfeeding Week.” The event was meant to raise awareness around the importance of breastfeeding and that mothers shouldn't feel ashamed to feed their baby publicly.

Miracle Treats

Dairy Queen employee Nancy Armstrong showed off one of the many Blizzards that got sent out to local businesses last Thursday for Miracle Treat Day. DQ sold 838 Blizzards locally, raising a total of $4,950. All of the money from Blizzard sales that day will go to the Children's Hospital Foundation of Manitoba.

'Latch mob'

A group of women joined together at the Rainy Lake Square for a “latch mob" following their march from the Fort Frances Public Library on Thursday in an effort to advocate for public breastfeeding during "World Breastfeeding Week.” The group hopes to build confidence in mothers and help them feel more comfortable breastfeeding their baby whenever it's hungry. See story A6.

Breastfeeding march

A group of mothers strolled along Scott Street with their babies, family members, and friends who marched from the Fort Frances Public Library to the Rainy Lake Square on Thursday for World Breastfeeding Week which ran from Aug. 1-7. The event's purpose was to normalize breastfeeding in public. A celebration was held at the square before several mothers participated in a “Latch Mob.”

Miracle Treat Day

Dairy Queen co-owner Christin Thomson this morning held up two of the Miracle Treat Day Blizzards that will be distributed to over 15 local businesses today for the nation-wide fundraiser. All of the proceeds made from each Blizzard sale today (Aug. 8) will be donated to the Children's Hospital Foundation of Manitoba.

Library craft

Eli Dalton and his sister, Sophie, worked on a leaf printing craft at the Fort Frances Public Library on Thursday while they were in town visiting their grandparents. The siblings live in Nova Scotia but travel to Fort Frances once a year. The library's craft was led by its summer learning co-ordinator, Anna Schwartz.