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Sam Odrowski


New mini-queen Annelise DeGagne and mini-king Brecken Mann King were crowned on Thursday night upstairs the Emo Arena, making them the new 2019 royalty. A total of 11 children competed in the contest. All were awarded with gift cards, sponsored by the Emo Legion.

Town urges province to halt ESFL

The future of the district's forests continues to be a top priority for the town.

Fort Frances town council urged the province to put a hold on the development of a new Enhanced Sustainable Forest Licence (ESFL) so it can provide greater benefit to municipalities yesterday during the Association of Municipalities Ontario (AMO) conference in Ottawa.

Midway game

Fair attendees with some extra spending money had a blast trying their luck at the Select Shows midway games during the Emo Fair on Friday, in hopes of winning one of the many large stuffed animals on display.

Team sawing

Emily Bird, left, and her partner Izak Stromness sawed as quickly as they could during the “Jack and Jill” version of the two-man crosscut event during the 42nd-annual loggers' competition at the Emo Fair on Friday. Hundreds of spectators gathered in the bleachers to watch the annual contest.

Log toss

Vaughn Wilson used all his might to send a log flying across the grounds of the grandstand during the loggers' competition at the Emo Fair on Friday. Wilson placed third in the pulp toss and landed second overall in the competition. A total of 10 loggers competed.

4-H cattle auction

Christina Gerula showed off her steer with hopes of high prices during the 4-H cattle auction at the Emo Fair on Saturday. During the cattle sale 40 kids from beef clubs around the district showed a total of 31 steers and 15 heifers that they raised themselves through the past season. The prices varied between $4.40 to $7 per pound. See this Wednesday's Times for more Emo Fair coverage.

Federal funding boost

Thunder Bay-Rainy River MP Don Rusnak, right, joined elected officials from Alberton and Fort Frances yesterday afternoon at Kehl bridge to announce over $330,000 in federal funding to replace the Kehl bridge deck with a twin culvert bridge. The funding will also assist in resurfacing two kilometres of Kehl road so it joins seamlessly with the bridge.