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Trudeau: Canada could stop dealing with Boeing over dispute

TORONTO — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Monday his government could stop doing business with Boeing if the U.S. company doesn’t drop a trade complaint against Canadian plane maker Bombardier.

Trudeau said Canada “won’t do business with a company that’s busy trying to sue us and put our aerospace workers out of business.”

Jane Fonda says people should not be fooled by Trudeau

TORONTO — Actress Jane Fonda said Wednesday that people should not be fooled by “good-looking liberals” like Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who “disappointed” her by approving pipelines from the Alberta oil sands.

Fonda said after touring the oil sands area that environmentalists everywhere were impressed by Trudeau at the Paris climate conference in late 2015.

Son of late PM Pierre Trudeau becomes prime minister as Liberals defeat Harper’s Conservatives

TORONTO Canadian voters reclaimed their country’s liberal identity sending Justin Trudeau the son of one of the country’s most dynamic politicians ‚Äî to the prime minister’s office and ending nearly a decade of conservative leadership under Stephen Harper.

Canada’s government posts a surplus for last year amid election campaign

TORONTO Canada has posted a budget surplus after six straight years of deficits.

The government announced Monday a $1.9 billion Canadian (US$1.4 billion) surplus for last year. It had been predicting a $2 billion Canadian ($1.5 billion) deficit with expectations for a surplus this year.