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Press Release

Workplace fitness challenge is issued

You’ve heard it all before–eat well, exercise, don’t smoke.

Easier said than done, right? But what if where you worked helped make these healthy habits easy?

The Northwestern Health Unit is encouraging local workplaces to take the “Fit @ Work” challenge, which is being held as part of National Healthy Workplace Month that kicked off Monday (Sept. 29) and runs until Oct. 26.

St. Francis lauds alternate day schedule

What are the benefits of the “alternate school day” schedule?

Consistent feedback from school boards throughout Ontario indicates the following benefits of an alternate school day schedule:

•more time for instruction;

•a more settled day, especially in the last block;

•fewer discipline problems;

•more easily scheduled presentations by external groups;

NWOTA awards bursary

The Northwestern Ontario Tourism Association (NWOTA) is pleased to announce that Timo Brielmann, a 2008 graduate of the Rainy River High School, is the recipient of the organization’s third memorial bursary.

Brielmann, the son of Amos and Heidi Brielmann, will be studying Environmental Science at the University of Guelph beginning this fall.

Turn wood into gold

Although the idea of turning wood into gold may be a bit far-fetched, value-added wood products can be very profitable—and are ideal for Northern Ontario.

We have an abundance of renewable raw material, many skilled craftsmen, and an economy looking for entrepreneurs.

What we need is a way to put it all together and help guide the process along.