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Press Release

AIDS in the spotlight this week

Nov. 24-30 is National AIDS Awareness Week, culminating on Dec. 1 with World AIDS Day.

Once again, this year’s theme is “Stop AIDS, Keep the Promise.”

The Northwestern Health Unit is working in partnership with the Canadian Public Health Association to launch the national campaign designed to prevent this disease and eliminate the stigma associated with HIV.

Where are the snowmobile trails?

The newly-amalgamated Borderland Snowmobile Club is starting its second year of operation.

A lot has been accomplished since last year when our local trails faced a total shutdown due to lack of funds and volunteers to fill all the executive positions in each area.

This would have meant that years of trail work, bridges, land use permits, etc. would have been lost forever.

Insurance scam alert

The Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) is warning insurance customers to watch for fraudulent calls claiming to be from their insurance provider.

The IBAO is urging all insurance policy-holders to call their broker before giving out any information if they receive suspicious calls.

Beware of fraud

Following reports from several local residents, Treaty #3 Police, in co-ordination with the Fort Frances OPP, is investigating a potential fraud.

A company calling itself Automotive Warranty Protection Services, from St Louis, Mo., is calling local residents and informing them that their warranty is about to expire and leaves a contact number.