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Press Release

Parents urged to give kids ‘smoke-free ride’

“Are we there yet?”

With the launch of the Ontario Lung Association’s “Campaign for a Smoke-free Ride,” a program that urges parents not to smoke in their car when children are passengers, the ride will be so much better.

The campaign is intended to protect children by providing parents with the positive support they need to give their kids a smoke-free ride.

Flames shine against Aces

The NorFab Flames PeeWee ‘AA’ girls’ hockey team put in a strong effort in the “Best of Times Hockey Tournament” in Fargo, N.D. over the weekend.

After facing stiff competition all tournament, the squad’s best result came in a win against the East St. Paul Aces (Manitoba) on Saturday.

MNR re-opens Marmion Lake to walleye anglers

Marmion Lake is open for walleye angling during the zone-wide open season.

The lake, located in the Atikokan area, was closed year-round for walleye angling, as prescribed in the 2008-2009 Recreational Fishing Regulations Summary.

The re-opening of the lake to walleye fishing will enhance opportunities for anglers and have a positive impact on the local tourism industry.