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Press Release

Tree seed plant backed

The NDP's forestry critic, Judith Monteith-Farrell, said Ontario's tree seed plant should be kept open—and kept in public hands—as the future of the plant remains in limbo.

The Ontario Tree Seed Plant, located in the town of Angus, has been preserving biodiversity, as well as supporting forest products and wood manufacturing, since 1923.

'Coffee Break' returning

A new “Coffee Break" season will begin with a "welcome” breakfast next Wednesday (Sept. 12) at 9:30 a.m. at the Christian Reformed Church in Emo.

The breakfast will be followed by a time of fellowship and an introduction to our first Bible study, “Esther, Royal Rescue,” which will begin on Wednesday, Sept. 19.

New season, focus for Icebox Radio Theater

Icebox Radio Theater returns with new episodes this September—and an entirely new look and subject matter.

This year, the IBRT will focus on classic stories of mystery and suspense from some of the greatest authors in the genre.

The new series will be called “Mystery on the Air” and will feature an original, audio fiction podcast play once a month from September-May.