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Pastor Sean Ward

Thank you

Dear Editor,

Recently it has been made known to the area congregations that we are no longer being made exempt from charges stemming from water usage at our local churches.

It is my understanding that in lieu of the current economic recession, the tow has felt a need to revisit certain areas in order to maintain current services and continue to sustain solid growth.

Marriage is . . .

By Pastor Sean Ward The Apostolic Way United Pentecostal Church

Marriage is planned

In the beginning of man’s history, God created a man called Adam.

Shortly after, God saw that is was not good for man to be alone so He created Eve out of the rib of Adam.

Adam call this new creation woman as she was taken out of man.

Culture in crisis

Culture can be defined as a way of life shared by a group of individuals. It consists of values, norms, folklore, law, and ideology.

While these symbols are, in many cases, the things that give meaning and a rich heritage to our society, there are trends both in history and the present reality that we should take note of.