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By Nick Perry The Associated Press

So long, suckers! Inky the octopus makes an amazing escape

WELLINGTON, New Zealand — Inky the octopus waited until it was dark and the staff had gone home from the National Aquarium of New Zealand before making his move.

He squeezed and pushed his way through a tiny gap in the mesh at the top of his tank and slithered 2 metres (6.6 feet) to the floor. Then he made a beeline across the room to a drain hole.

Ex-New Zealand leader Clark announces bid for top UN post

WELLINGTON, New Zealand — Helen Clark, a former New Zealand prime minister who is now a senior U.N. official, announced Tuesday she is running for the top position at the United Nations, saying she would bring nearly 30 years of leadership skills to the job of secretary-general in an ever more challenging and crisis-filled world.

A blind penguin gets airborne in a New Zealand marine haven

FLEA BAY, New Zealand Blindy the little blue penguin was born without functioning eyes and developed the unusual habit of swimming in tight circles.

So to prevent the bird from continually crashing into the side of the small pond where it swims, Shireen Helps began tossing it out into deeper water. Penguins are flightless but Blindy, for a few moments anyway, gets to be airborne.

Fiji scrambles to restore power as ferocious cyclone kills 6

WELLINGTON, New Zealand Fijians were finally able to venture outside Monday after authorities lifted a curfew but much of the country remained without electricity in the wake of a ferocious cyclone that left at least six people dead and destroyed hundreds of homes.

Officials were scrambling to restore services and assess damage in remote parts of the Pacific Island chain.

New Zealand judge rules Kim Dotcom and 3 others can be extradited to US on copyright charges

WELLINGTON, New Zealand A New Zealand judge ruled Wednesday that colorful Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom and three of his colleagues can be extradited to the United States to face criminal copyright charges.

Dotcom’s lawyers said they have filed an appeal against the decision.

New Zealand picks new flag design that will challenge current flag in March vote

WELLINGTON, New Zealand New Zealanders chose a new flag design Tuesday that will be put up as a challenger to their current flag in a March vote.

The question of whether to change a national symbol that has endured for more than a century has raised plenty of passion, and skepticism, in this nation of 4.6 million.