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From the MNRF

Lightning sparks more fires

It was another busy day for lightning fire starts as the Northwest Region recorded 16 new fires by the early yesterday evening.

Resources are strained as the fire load has increased to 111 active fires. Twenty-eight of those fires are “not under control," 10 are "being held," 10 are "under control," and 63 are "being observed.”

Four new fires sparked in region

There were four new fires in the Northwest Region by the late afternoon yesterday.

Nipigon fire #47 is a 0.2 hectare lightning caused fire located approximately 77 kilometres east of the far north community of Webequie. The fire is currently “not under control.”

Nipigon fire #48 is a 30 ha. fire located approximately 152 km north of Geraldton. The fire is “not under control.”

Caliper Lake blaze among five new fires

Five new fires were reported in the Northwest Region by yesterday afternoon.

Fort Frances Fire #22, located near Caliper Lake, was listed as “not under control” at 0.5 hectares in size at last report.

Dryden Fire #24, located near Basket Lake, also was listed as “not under control” at 0.5 hectares.

The other three new fires were located in Red Lake District.

Eight new fires ignite

Eight new fires were confirmed in the Northwest Region by yesterday afternoon.

One of those was Kenora Fire #80, a 0.1-hectare blaze located near Ash Bay on Lake of the Woods.

It was listed as “being held” at last report.

The other seven fires were located in Red Lake District (five) and Nipigon District (two).

Man fined for bait violation

A Minnesota man has been fined for a bait violation.

William Nielsen of Sauk Rapids pleaded guilty and was fined $1,500 for illegally bringing live baitfish into Ontario.

Court heard that on April 6, 2018, Canada Border Services Agency officers at the Rainy River port of entry contacted Nielsen and conducted a secondary inspection of his vehicle.