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From the MNRF

Moose hunt costly

Two southern Ontario men have been fined a total of $6,500 for unsafe hunting and party-hunting offences.

Bryce Cavanagh of Odessa pleaded guilty, and was fined $3,500, for hunting big game without a licence and $2,000 for discharging a firearm without care and attention for people or property.

Fire scene quiet in region

One new fire, located in Nipigon District, was confirmed by yesterday afternoon in the Northwest Region.

Assessment of the northern fires has resulted in more than 30 of them being called “out,” with most of these in the Nipigon and Sioux Lookout districts.

This brings the total number of the active fires in the region down to 24.

Rain drops fire hazard

Rain is in the forecast and is expected to reduce the forest fire hazard to “low” heading into the weekend.

But until the rain crosses the region, there still were “high” fire hazards forecast for the northern sectors.

No new fires were confirmed in the Northwest Region yesterday.

To report a forest fire, call 310-FIRE (3473).

Rash of fires in region

Five new fires were confirmed in the Northwest Region by yesterday afternoon while four new ones occurred Tuesday, which required aggressive ground and air attack.

These latest blazes were both human- and lightning-caused.

The new fires are located in the districts of Dryden, Kenora, Nipigon, Sioux Lookout, and Thunder Bay.

Smoke drifting into area

Heavy smoke is drifting into the Fort Frances, Kenora, and Dryden areas from large fires burning in northern and western Canada, as well as the U.S.

Smoky conditions likely will exist until weather patterns change.

People with health concerns from smoke should call TeleHealth Ontario at 1-866-797-0000.

Fire scene slows down

Two new fires were confirmed in the Northwest Region by yesterday afternoon.

Sioux Lookout Fire #199, a small lightning-caused blaze, was declared “out” at 0.1 hectares in size.

But Dryden Fire #36, located near Cherry Lake, was listed as “not under control” at 0.1 ha at last report.

There currently are 138 active fires in the region.