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Quiet on fire front

Only two new fires were confirmed in the Northwest Region over the weekend.

At last report, Kenora Fire #89 was listed as “being observed” at 0.2. hectares while Nipigon Fire #72 was classified as “not under control” at 0.8 ha.

Both of these blazes were reported yesterday.

Quiet on fire scene

No new fires had been reported in the West Fire Region by late afternoon yesterday.

The forest fire hazard remains “low” for Northwestern Ontario.

Thunderstorms and rain continue to track over the region, bringing lightning to most districts.

However, lightning is less of a concern now because there has been heavy rainfall associated with it.

One new fire starts

Only one new fire was confirmed yesterday in the Northwest Region.

Red Lake Fire #90, located in the community of Kee-Way-Win, is small at 0.1 hectares in size.

Northwestern Ontario, meanwhile, finally has received relief from Mother Nature.

Active fires top 70 in region

There were two new fires reported by late yesterday afternoon, but additional blazes still were being investigated.

Red Lake Fire #75 was confirmed roughly eight km west of Deer Lake, and was estimated at 0.2 hectares in size.

Nipigon Fire #60, northeast of Ogoki River Provincial Park, meanwhile was estimated at 50 ha

This fire was “being monitored” at last report.

Minnesota crew joins fire fight

Five new fires were reported in the Northwest Region by late yesterday afternoon but more were expected through the evening.

By day’s end on Tuesday, eight new fires had been reported, with most of them in Nipigon District.

One, however, was in the northern area of Red Lake District, which is partly in Ontario and partly in Manitoba.

Guide hit with fines

A fishing guide has been fined a total of $4,000 for a variety of offences, including illegally selling venison and angler-caught walleye.

Ron Lemmon of Bergland was fined $2,000 for selling angler-caught fish, $1,000 for having more than the legal limit of walleye, and $1,000 for selling venison.

He also received a two-year fishing suspension.

Fire hazard to jump quickly

New fires continued to show up in the Northwest Region, with about a dozen reported by early yesterday evening while the final tally for Sunday was 28.

Progress is being made on fires in the region, with 10 declared “out” as of yesterday.

Most of the new fires reported yesterday again were located in the far northern sectors of Red Lake District.