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Be safe with fireworks

No new fires were confirmed in the Northwest Region by yesterday evening, although Fort Frances District was responding to a possible fire resulting from a tree over a power line.

Rain continues to fall in the region, keeping the fire hazard in the “low” to “moderate” range.

Thunderstorm and lightning activity is in the forecast for the north shore of Lake Superior.

Fire hazard on rise

Although there was a brief respite in the fire hazard following rain at the beginning of the week, the effects of that are wearing off.

As such, the fire hazard is now “high to extreme” in the northwest sectors of the region and along the north shore of Lake Superior.

It is “moderate to high” elsewhere.

This warming trend is forecast to continue into the weekend.

Most fires now ‘out’

One new fire was confirmed yesterday in the Northwest Region.

Sioux Lookout Fire #9 was located about two km east of Hudson, along the railway tracks.

Additional fire reports were being looked into, but had not been confirmed.

Fort Frances, Dryden, Red Lake, and Nipigon districts all recorded one new fire each on Wednesday.

Four new fires erupt

Until yesterday afternoon, there had not been a new fire confirmed in the Northwest Region since May 29.

By the time this report was prepared June 3, however, four new fires were confirmed in Dryden District.

Dryden Fires #14, #15, #16, and #17 all occurred in the Henderson Loop area off Highway 655, commonly referred to as the Richan Road.

Quiet on fire front

No new fires were reported yesterday in the Northwest Region.

The forest fire hazard is “low” across most portions of the region, except the northern sectors.

They have a “moderate hazard” that will continue to rise over the coming days with warm, dry weather in the forecast.

Currently there is one active fire in the regioon.

Four fires declared ‘out’

No new fires were reported in the Northwest Region by yesterday evening while four fires had been declared “out.”

This drops the total number of active fires in the region down to two.

By day’s end on Wednesday, there were six new fires in the Northwest Region, located in the districts of Dryden, Sioux Lookout, and Nipigon.

Three fires reported

The forest fire hazard remains “high” across the Northwest Region while an “extreme” hazard is in place for the far north.

A weather system moving into the region from Manitoba may bring relief in the form of rain.

However, the rain is not expected to reach the far north, where the hazard will remain “high to extreme.”