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the MNR

Flood watch issued

The Ministry of Natural Resources (Fort Frances District) is advising area residents that a flood watch is in effect for the Atikokan, Fort Frances, and Rainy River areas.

Recent rainfall has resulted in very high inflow conditions throughout all watersheds within the district, including the Seine River, Atikokan River, and Rainy Lake and Lake of the Woods.

Two fires reported

Two new fires were reported in the Northwest Region between June 6 and the evening of June 8.

Both blazes were human-caused and both have been declared out.

The first started on June 7 in Dryden District—a 0.5-hectare fire located near Sundial Lake, about 15 km north of Dryden.

Area bush road closed

The Ministry of Natural Resources advises that due to the spring thaw and recent rain, Seine River has flooded a portion of Sapawe-Upsala Road, located 20 km east and six km north of Atikokan.

The ministry closed the road yesterday between the Premier Road junction, 12 km north of Highway 623, and Wilson Lake Road, located 35 km north of Highway 623.

Rain dampens fire hazard

No new fires had been confirmed in the Northwest Region as of yesterday afternoon.

Heavy rain from storm systems that tracked across the Northwest Region between May 30 and June 1 reduced the forest fire hazard to “low” in the southern sectors, including Fort Frances, Dryden, and Thunder Bay Districts, and along the north shore of Lake Superior.

Forest fire hazard creeping up here

There were six confirmed fires in the Northwest Region between Monday and yesterday evening in the districts of Fort Frances, Sioux Lookout, and Thunder Bay.

Two were lightning-caused, marking the transition to both human- and lightning-caused blazes.

The forest fire hazard continues to rise across the region, with “high” to “extreme” hazards in the southern sectors.

Fire scene staying quiet so far

Just seven fires have been reported in the Northwest Region since the official opening of the fire season April 1.

These occurred in the districts of Kenora, Nipigon, Sioux Lookout, and Thunder Bay, with a total area burned of three hectares.

The forest fire hazard remains “low” across most parts of the region, with some “moderate” hazards in the southern sectors.

Forest road washes out

Due to the spring thaw, a road washout has caused a culvert to fail on a forest resource road northeast of Sapawe.

The Ministry of Natural Resources closed Premier Road at Kekush Creek, about 25 km north of Highway 623, on May 9 for repairs.

It is expected to re-open around May 23.

Fire scene staying quiet

As the Ministry of Natural Resources’ fire season nears its official end Oct. 31, there’s been no new fire activity over the past week.

There also are no active fires in the region.

Given current weather conditions, it is expected to remain quiet through to the end of the fire season Thursday.

Prescribed burns slated

Two low-complexity prescribed burns tentatively were scheduled to be ignited yesterday on separate islands within the Lake of the Woods Conservation Reserve area.

The prescribed burns were on Blaze Island, located directly south of Falcon Island near Sturgeon Channel, and directly south of Queen Island near Wiley Point.