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Mia Rabson

Feds to meet needs of indigenous kids

OTTAWA—The federal government says it immediately will begin fully funding the actual costs for child welfare agencies to allow them to help indigenous families without having to take kids away from their parents.

Indigenous Services minister Jane Philpott has written to 105 indigenous child welfare agencies to make the commitment, which she says will be retroactive to Jan. 26, 2016.

May taps lawyer to probe bullying claims

OTTAWA—Green Party leader Elizabeth May says she asked for an independent investigation into allegations she harassed and verbally abused former staff in a bid to prove she's done nothing wrong.

The party yesterday hired Toronto lawyer Sheila Block to undertake the investigation after three former staff told The Toronto Star and The Hill Times that May was a bully.

HMS Terror's resting place given protection

Ottawa has set aside nearly 60 square kilometres of seabed off the coast of Nunavut to keep gawkers and scavengers away from one of Canada's most famous shipwrecks.

The HMS Terror is one of two ships from the Franklin expedition that became trapped in ice in the Arctic in 1845, ultimately leading to the deaths of all 129 men on board, including expedition leader Sir John Franklin.