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Kiera Kowalski

Soaps for sale

Charleen Mallory of Naturally Northern Soaps set up shop during “Mall Day” yesterday on Scott Street. The 100-300 blocks were closed to traffic so vendors and stores could set up booths and sale racks. There also were children's games and even a dunk tank outside the Flint House.

Mall Day set

Amanda Caron of A&R Serenity Co., a local company devoted to making natural beauty products, set up her booth early this morning for this year's “Mall Day.” The 100-300 blocks of Scott Street was bustling with vendors and stores setting up in anticipation of the 10 a.m. start.

Survivors lap

Bonnie Doucette, along with Cindy and Samantha Manty, walked a heart-felt lap during the survivors' ceremony Saturday afternoon at the Fort Frances Curling Club in conjunction with this year's “Relay for Life.” Participants honoured the survivors' struggle with cancer during this lap, which was led by the Legion Colour Guard. She story, more photos A3.

Grad singer

Socorro Galusha (at left) belted out the lyrics to Yael Naim's “New Soul" during Fort High's annual graduation ceremony at the Ice For Kids Arena on Thursday evening. She was accompanied by music teacher Lisa Loney on piano. Meanwhile, above, Nasia Kavanaugh and Avery Wilson-Hands duelled in a "Guitar Hero" battle during the "chem-free” grad party afterwards as Emma Noga looked on.

Adding beads

Marg Rousseau, left, and Wendy Stevens compared the number of beads they had on their strings during the annual “Relay for Life" on Saturday afternoon. Each bead represented one lap around the track inside the Fort Frances Curling Club. Meanwhile, below, Jodi McGinnis led this year's "Relay” participants in a energy-filled zubma warm-up prior to the survivors' lap.

Chopper delivery

Helicopters were back this morning ferrying workers to the tops of the hydro towers along the Noden Causeway to conduct maintenance work. One of them can be seen on the right side of the top arm of the background tower—a precarious perch hundreds of feet above Rainy Lake. ­­