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Kelly Geraldine Malone

Trudeau to be focused on budget's training benefits

WINNIPEG—Justin Trudeau will be focusing on the training benefits in the recently-released budget as he meets with labour leaders in Winnipeg today.

The prime minister arrived in the city yesterday evening and gave a speech at a Liberal donor event about how this fall's election is a choice about the kind of country Canadians want.

'White' teams accused of forming own hockey league

WINNIPEG—A lawyer representing some indigenous hockey teams in Manitoba argued in court yesterday that all the “white teams” got together and formed a new Junior 'B' league which excludes First Nations.

All of the teams were part of the Keystone Junior Hockey League until May, when five teams left to create the Capital Region League.

Jordan's Principle changed health-care struggles: summit

WINNIPEG—First Nation families say they struggled to get wheelchairs, beds, and other health-care services for their children before Ottawa adopted Jordan's Principle.

The principle, which requires that kids get access to services without delays caused by jurisdictional issues, is named after Jordan River Anderson.

Canadian Nationalist meeting sparks resignation

WINNIPEG—A cultural club in Winnipeg said one of its board members has agreed to resign after it hosted a meeting for the Canadian Nationalist Party over the weekend.

The Belgian Club said in a statement posted to Facebook that a junior member of its staff took the booking without fully realizing what the party represents.

Churchill residents vow to find future

CHURCHILL, Man.—Florence Hamilton's ancestors once followed the caribou across the Arctic tundra.

That was before the federal government forcefully relocated the Sayisi Dene to barren land outside Churchill, Man. in 1956.

By 1973, 117 of the more than 250 people who were moved had died and most of those still alive moved west to Tadoule Lake, where they still live today.

Churchill residents hope propane crisis sparks railway repair

CHURCHILL, Man.—People in Churchill wrapped up in scarves and mittens as they walked down the streets of the northern Manitoba community over the weekend but despite the weather, many homes maintained the chill inside.

Churchill is critically low on propane—a fuel that's used to heat many buildings.