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By Katie Workman The Associated Press

Pork Schnitzel with Cucumber Salad

Schnitzels are often made with veal or chicken, but pork is a great alternative. Pounding out the cutlets makes them even thinner and more tender, so they cook up quickly, perfect for a weeknight meal. And there’s that irresistible crunch from the Panko bread-crumb coating. This is one of those heartening dishes that’s popular with both kids and adults.

Deviled Burgers

Some good ground beef, preferably not too lean (when making burgers, fat is our friend), and a generous sprinkling of salt and pepper is all you need to make a fine burger most days. But on some other days, you might want a burger with a bit more zing, more interest, more panache.

Some days might call for a deviled burger.

Cavatappi with Cherry Tomatoes, Pesto

Summer, summer, summer. The word is fat and round and breezy and rolls around nicely on the tongue. And we want our food to be breezy, too.

If you have basil and tomatoes growing in your garden, make this. If you have a farmers’ market near you, make this. And if you have leftover pesto hanging around, even store-bought, you can still make this.