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Pressure mounting on senator to resign

OTTAWA—The chorus of voices calling on Sen. Don Meredith to resign in the wake of a damning ethics probe into his sexual relationship with a 16-year-old is growing, along with expectations that a vote on his future should take place before the end of the month.

The question is whether the Senate has the right to boot one of its own—something it has never done.

Civil servants love 'sit-stand' desks

OTTAWA—It seems some federal workers don't want to be caught sitting down on the job.

A pilot project in one government department has found public servants really like their sit-stand desks—so much so, some reported anxiety about being moved to a new position or assignment that would make them give up the chance to spend some or all of the day on their feet.

Many Canadians often confused by CPP rules

OTTAWA—Internal evaluations of the Canada Pension Plan show the retirement system is poorly understood by most of the public—a problem retiree Evan Brett avoided only through luck and meticulous record-keeping.

The 76-year-old realtor and his wife, Latifah, dove into their files at their Langley, B.C. home a decade ago when Latifah applied for retirement benefits.

New benefit will help tackle child poverty: Trudeau

OTTAWA—More than a year ago, Justin Trudeau stood in Dinty’s restaurant in Gatineau, Que. and promised a new child benefit that would help low-income Canadians.

Yesterday, he stood in the same restaurant and pointed to almost $1.74 billion in new Canada child benefit payments that rolled out that morning to more than three million families.