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Parliament poet talks ego, emotion in writing

OTTAWA—Georgette LeBlanc looks around the parliamentary library in the Centre Block and admits she was last in the building in high school.

The Quebec poet will be spending a lot more time in this library over the next two years during her term as parliamentary poet laureate, adding to the writing surrounding her on this sunny March morning.

Feds on blitz to tout workers' benefit

OTTAWA—The federal Liberals are on a promotional blitz to tout a key promise in their latest federal budget aimed at one day providing extra benefits to the working poor.

The Liberals are keen to promote the changes and the extra $1 billion in annual spending for one of the few federal benefit programs that targets singles and families by subsidizing their wages with a tax credit.

Feds quietly exploring paternity leave options

OTTAWA—Shortly before the 2015 election, a group of Liberal policy advisers took a long look at how to create dedicated leave for new fathers—but once in office, opted instead for allowing all new parents extra time off without an increase in benefits.

Now, after that plan received a cool reception, the governing Liberals appear to be going back to their original idea.

Feds urged to rethink CPP death benefit

OTTAWA—A change to the Canada Pension Plan to provide a flat-rate death benefit to help low-income families cover funeral costs falls short of what funeral homes say is needed to cover the cost of a final farewell.

After meetings this week, federal and provincial finance ministers set the death benefit at a flat $2,500, regardless of how long or how much someone had paid into CPP.

Child care fees rising faster than inflation

OTTAWA—A new report shows child-care costs are rising faster than inflation, straining pocketbooks and raising questions about whether billions in new federal spending will make daycare more affordable for those who want it.

Toronto remains the most expensive city for child care, where median daycare costs families about $21,096 a year.