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By Ilan Ben Zion The Associated Press

Israeli firm says it can turn garbage into bio-based plastic

KIBBUTZ ZEELIM, Israel — Hawks, vultures and storks circle overhead as Christopher Sveen points at the heap of refuse rotting in the desert heat. “This is the mine of the future,” he beams.

Sveen is chief sustainability officer at UBQ, an Israeli company that has patented a process to convert household trash, diverting waste from landfills into reusable bio-based plastic.

WW1 Australian battle re-enacted in Israel on centennial

BEERSHEBA, Israel — A century to the day after Australian troops broke through Ottoman defences in a daring First World War victory, nearly 200 horsemen including descendants of the soldiers who fought that day paraded Tuesday through the streets of a southern Israeli city in a memorial to those killed in a battle that helped turn the tide of the war and shape the modern Middle East.