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Hina Alam

Time is on man's hands

Every spring and fall, John Scott climbs up clock towers across Toronto to change time.

“The keymaster, the time master—I've been called a lot of titles,” says the 61-year-old.

“Never the time lord, though.”

Scott began maintaining and servicing clocks 35 years ago as an apprentice for his uncle, C. Arthur Scott, at Hamilton-based Scotiabell.

Climate change melting Canada's glaciers

VANCOUVER—Climate change is prompting glaciers in British Columbia, Yukon, and Alberta to retreat faster than at any time in history—threatening to raise water levels and create deserts, scientists say.

David Hik, an ecology professor at Simon Fraser University, said the region is one of the hotspots for warming and the magnitude of change in the glaciers is dramatic.

Newly-discovered cave closed to public

VANCOUVER—A newly-discovered cave and the surrounding area in British Columbia's Wells Gray Provincial Park has been closed off to the public, with threats of fines up to $1 million for those who don't stay away, says an order from BC Parks.

The order issued this week says anyone who enters the surrounding area or the cave can be fined and face imprisonment for up to a year.

Groups file suit to protect endangered killer whales

VANCOUVER—A collection of conservation groups has teamed up to launch legal action aimed at protecting endangered southern resident killer whales.

The groups said yesterday that the federal government failed to recommend an emergency order to protect the whales under the Species at Risk Act and they want a Federal Court to review that decision.