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Dirk Meissner

Indigenous music singled out for UN designation

VICTORIA—Her life was steeped in classical music but Ida Halpern was passionate about the songs of British Columbia's indigenous people—music she set out to prove was equal to that of Bach and Mozart.

Halpern's more than 500 recordings, transcriptions, and handwritten notes comprise a unique indigenous collection at the Royal B.C. Museum.

B.C. voters to shape electoral reform

VICTORIA—British Columbians are invited to help shape a referendum planned for next fall that could reform the province's voting system in time for the next election in 2021.

Attorney General David Eby said yesterday the government has launched its “How We Vote” website, asking for public input on the question or questions that will be on the referendum ballot.

Fate of B.C.’s ancient forests being debated

SAANICH, B.C.—The Douglas fir Andy MacKinnon leans against is 40 metres tall.

It’s likely more than 500 years old and its fire-scarred trunk is almost two metres in diameter.

In most other countries, the tree would be the largest in the land, noted MacKinnon, a forest ecologist who spent three decades with British Columbia’s government researching old-growth forests.