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By Dan Joling The Associated Press

Alaska volcano ash cloud covers 400 miles, cancels flights

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Strong winds Monday pushed an ash cloud from an Alaska volcano into the heart of the state, grounding flights and limiting travel to western and northern communities off the road system.

But hours later, officials downgraded the volcano alert level, saying the intensity of the eruption had “declined significantly.”

Alaska creates hunt for doomed musk oxen that float away from Bering Sea islands on sea ice

ANCHORAGE, Alaska Alaska big game officials have legalized an unusual hunt that will take a boat and a bold hand.

Starting Thursday, Alaska residents can harvest musk oxen that wander onto Bering Sea ice and become stranded when floes break and drift off.

Musk oxen stranded on ice are doomed to drown or starve, said Patrick Jones, assistant state area biologist.

After Shell decision, environmental groups seek Arctic ban, but offshore drilling isn’t dead

ANCHORAGE, Alaska Royal Dutch Shell’s decision to end its quest for oil in the Arctic waters off Alaska sparked jubilation among environmental activists, who said Tuesday that they will seize the opportunity to seek an end to all drilling to in the region.

Researchers say fossils of new plant-eating dinosaur species found in northern Alaska

ANCHORAGE, Alaska Researchers have uncovered a new species of plant-eating dinosaur in Alaska, according to a report published Tuesday.

The animal was a variety of hadrosaur, a duck-billed dinosaur that roamed in herds, said Pat Druckenmiller, earth sciences curator at the University of Alaska Museum in Fairbanks.