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Cynthia Donald

Great addition

Dear Mr. Behan:

I am sure that many people driving by Robert Moore School in the last few months have noticed the change that has been happening at the school playground.

First, Daryl Eyolfson’s crew built a running track and a play hill.

Now, in addition to this new landscape, just days before school was to start, new equipment went up.

Extra effort

Dear editor:

Fort Frances High School was full of developing volleyball players at the Bantam level (Grades 7 and 8) on Saturday, Nov. 29, who were playing the last tournament of the season (a.k.a. the regionals).

It was wonderful to see how these students have progressed over the season in skill development, team spirit, and sportsmanship.

Great day

Dear Mr. Behan:

This past Friday (Oct. 1), more than 300 junior students from J.W. Walker, St. Francis, and Robert Moore School gathered at the St. Francis fields to play soccer.

The students had a wonderful day.