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Coun. Ken Perry

Loser all around

Dear editor:

In order to realize what it is that I have been speaking of in my last two letters to the editor, one needs to understand the scope of the problem.

The numbers are staggering and, if I would have begun the first letter with numbers, I would be been disregarded as a wacko.

Hard to conceive

Dear editor:

I feel compelled to add further to the issue of railroad right-of-way taxation in Ontario.

The current model of taxation that we are experiencing is a dollars per acre structure. Ontario is the only jurisdiction in Canada that follows this path.

Missing out

Dear editor:

This letter would be more appropriately addressed to the publisher as Jim Cumming is due a big thank you from me for running his column last week about railroad taxation (or lack thereof) in Ontario.

So Jim, thanks.

Cry me a snowbank

Dear editor:

I must agree with Christine Hampton. The streets and sidewalks in the downtown area need some attention.

So does the 50 or so other kilometres of roadway in town and the more than 40 km of associated sidewalks that are not in the downtown core.