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By Cassandra Szklarski The Canadian Press

Double-barrelled surnames pose dilemma for new parents naming their kids

TORONTO — Alexandra Sipos-Kocsis doesn’t mean to be difficult.

And yet throughout her life, her unique surname has confounded teachers, telemarketers, airlines and more than a few administrative forms that didn’t have room for her 12-character, double-barrelled name.

But Sipos-Kocsis loves it, and when she married, she was determined to keep it.

Online program tackles anxiety and depression of cancer survivors

TORONTO — According to her doctors, Deanna Ratzlaff is cancer-free. And to anyone who looks at her, she appears to be in great health.

But a year after completing treatment for breast cancer, the 46-year-old mother of two says it’s a much different story on the inside, where she’s filled with anxiety about the trauma her body went through and the uncertainties that lie ahead.

Take a hike: Forest bathing embraces healing properties of trees

TORONTO — It’s no secret that a walk in the woods can be great for boosting your mood.

But a burgeoning group of nature enthusiasts say it can do much more — including strengthen immunity, lower blood pressure, increase your ability to focus, and ultimately lower health-care costs if done regularly.

Will it be mama or papa, mommy or daddy? Experts explain babies’ first words

TORONTO — Sarah Mulholland vividly remembers the first time her 13-month-old son called out “Mama.”

She was cooking about two months ago when little Conri began clamouring for her attention, clinging to her legs and whining until he suddenly uttered those two simple syllables that send mothers’ hearts fluttering.