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Flaherty cool to pension quick-fix

WHITEHORSE—Finance minister Jim Flaherty says he will not be pressured into a quick fix for the country’s pension system, but believes he is close to forging a consensus with the provinces about what steps to take next.

“We’re not going to shoot from the hip on this,” Flaherty said in an interview on the way into a dinner meeting with provincial finance ministers last night.

Woman never lost hope

A woman who spent six days lost and alone in the woods of Northwestern Ontario said she never gave up hope.

Valerie Cain got lost July 12 when she left her car to go look at some rapids near Red Lake.

The 45-year-old lost her way in the thick boreal forest with only a few cherries and crackers for food.

Hawk causing stir

NORTH WEST BROOK, N.L.—People near a community on the east coast of Newfoundland and Labrador have been taking some heat from a protective mother hawk.

Several people have been attacked, suffering cuts to their heads and hands, near a walking trail in the North West Brook area.

A sign has been put up to warn people of the potential danger.