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The Canadian Press

Fake ‘street’ people to help survey

TORONTO—Spending up to $10,000 to hire 100 “fake” homeless people for an evening might sound to some like an odd use of tax dollars in a recession.

But Toronto city officials say the “decoys” are needed to ensure the statistical validity of the city’s second-ever survey of its homeless population next month, and point out that a similar technique has been used in New York.

Teen seeks custody of younger brothers

BRAMPTON, Ont.—An 18-year-old from Mississauga, Ont. has made the unprecedented request to be granted custody of his two younger brothers in hopes of bringing an end to a decade of family “warfare.”

“My concerns are not as to [which parent] is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ . . . but how to bring back some sanity to our family,” said the teen’s eight-page affidavit to the court.