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Vinaigrette recipes feature unique flavour combinations

Once you get familiar with which ingredients work together, it’s easy to create your own vinaigrettes.

Dietitian Andrea Miller of Whitby, Ont., starts with a 2:1 ratio of oil to vinegar. She prefers a plant-based unsaturated oil for its health benefits, sunflower, safflower or canola oil for a lighter flavour or maybe a cold-pressed olive oil for a bolder statement.

Long-lost plane found

KAPUSKASING, Ont.—The wreckage of small plane that went missing 23 years ago has been found near Kapuskasing in northern Ontario.

Ontario Provincial Police say they found the wreckage of a single engine aircraft in a remote area and confirmed it was that of a plane reported missing in April of 1992.

Beyonce 101: courses study pop superstar

TORONTO—With the release of every new track, magazine cover and Instagram post, Beyonce’s every move sparks endless chatter on social media.

Soon they’ll also be discussed in some Canadian classrooms.

The University of Victoria and the University of Waterloo have dedicated courses to exploring the career of the superstar, who turns 34 on Sept. 4.

Recipes for breakfast bars, make-ahead yogurt parfaits and rice lunch salad

When it comes to school lunches, variety is important to keep kids from getting bored. A healthy mix also provides different nutrients.

“No one fruit or no one vegetable is going to give you everything that your body needs, so the more variety the better chances we have of covering off our bases,” says Kate Comeau, spokeswoman for Dietitians of Canada.