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Leaders confound expectations during first election debate

OTTAWA—Whatever impressions Canadians might have had about Stephen Harper, Tom Mulcair, and Justin Trudeau were thoroughly confounded yesterday in the first televised leaders’ debate of the 2015 election campaign.

Harper, the hyper-partisan of the House of Commons, was nowhere to be seen and neither was “Angry Tom” Mulcair, the chief inquisitor of question period.

Muskox sighted

For the first time since the 19th century, a muskox has been spotted in Manitoba.

A large bull was spied last Thursday by five hunters who were looking for caribou near the boundary with Nunavut.

Jo-Jo Thorassie, one of the hunters, said the mammal was near the shore of a big lake but they didn’t go near it out of fear the animal might charge them.

Jays end homestand on winning note

TORONTO—Starting pitcher J.A. Happ and catcher Erik Kratz had a plan.

The left-hander came through with six solid innings and, with two home runs and three RBIs from Edwin Encarnacion, the Blue Jays beat the Cleveland Indians 4-2 last night.

Happ (2-1) allowed six hits, two walks, and one run—on a homer by David Murphy in the fifth inning—in just his third start of the season.

Barwick mill to change owners

VANCOUVER—Stock in Ainsworth Lumber Co. Ltd. soared more than 30 percent today—a day after U.S. forestry giant Louisiana-Pacific announced a friendly, $1.1-billion (U.S.) takeover deal for the Vancouver-based maker of products used in housing construction.

Ainsworth shares rose 96 cents, or 32.65 percent, to $3.90 in morning trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange.