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Health Canada unveils latest food guide

OTTAWA—Canada's new food guide does away with food groups and portion sizes, focusing instead on broader guidelines that include eating more plant-based protein and drinking more water.

The food-guide facelift unveiled today reflects a new approach by Health Canada aimed at promoting healthier eating and lifestyle choices, rather than emphasizing serving sizes and specific foods.

Liberal wants end to old leadership process

TORONTO—As Ontario's Liberals regroup following their electoral drubbing last June, one of the few remaining elected members wants to give more people a say in how their next leader is chosen.

Mitzie Hunter will call on the party at its annual general meeting this June to do away with delegated conventions and move to a one-member, one-vote system.

Cat Lake declares emergency

CAT LAKE, Ont.—The leadership of Cat Lake First Nation in Northern Ontario has declared a state of emergency, citing “profoundly poor conditions of housing” as the cause of a public health crisis.

The declaration lists excessive mould, structural issues, and a lack of funds for routine maintenance as causing health issues that include invasive bacterial diseases and lung infections.