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Canadian Nationalist meeting sparks resignation

WINNIPEG—A cultural club in Winnipeg said one of its board members has agreed to resign after it hosted a meeting for the Canadian Nationalist Party over the weekend.

The Belgian Club said in a statement posted to Facebook that a junior member of its staff took the booking without fully realizing what the party represents.

Inuit ancestors spun yarn well before Vikings: study

New research is upending old assumptions about what the ancestors of today's Inuit learned from Viking settlers.

And the techniques researchers have developed to show that ancient Dorset and Thule people knew how to spin yarn centuries before the Norse were thought to have taught them could change the way archeologists think about Arctic history.

Adams to start for Als, Manziel backs up

MONTREAL—Vernon Adams may be the starting quarterback when the Montreal Alouettes face the Edmonton Eskimos, but he knows he's only keeping the seat warm for Johnny Football.

Adams, the last Montreal starter to put together back-to-back wins in 2016, will be behind centre when the Alouettes (1-4) face the Eskimos (3-2) tonight at Percival Molson Stadium.