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Bruce Cheadle

Free access to parks raises crowd concerns

OTTAWA—When Finance minister Bill Morneau used a speech in Chicago yesterday to toss out an open invitation to Americans to visit Canada’s natural splendour in 2017, he inadvertently may have highlighted a potential downside for one of the Liberal government’s election promises.

Overcrowding at some popular national parks will need to be managed as Canada flings open the gates.

Liberals want Tory appointees grilled

OTTAWA—The federal Liberal government says a “significant number” of Conservative appointees have offered to step down after being asked to quit while others will be called before parliamentary committees to explain their credentials.

But the Prime Minister’s Office is refusing to provide even a numerical breakdown, citing privacy concerns for the individuals involved.

Trudeau left detractors ‘in the dust’

LONDON—Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has used an interview with an influential BBC current affairs show in London to issue his most pungent retort yet to his Canadian detractors.

Trudeau, 43, endured more than two years of Conservative party attack ads declaring him “just not ready” before sweeping prime minister Stephen Harper from power in last month’s federal election.