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Bob Weber

Pine beetles exploding from Jasper

EDMONTON—A massive and uncontrollable build-up of mountain pine beetles in Jasper National Park is starting to explode into commercially-valuable forests along its boundaries.

Foresters along the park's edge have seen a tenfold increase in beetle infestation in just months, and some scientists wonder if Parks Canada could have done more to control the invasion a few years ago.

Scientists might have cure for fungus on bats

Canadian scientists are racing to test a remedy they hope will save bats from a deadly fungus that already has killed millions of the winged mammals across the continent.

“We are feeling a real sense of urgency because that fungus is within a couple hundred kilometres of Vancouver,” said Cori Lausen, a biologist with the Wildlife Conservation Society Canada.

Polar bear attacks profiled in study

Jim Wilder was a young researcher on the frozen Beaufort Sea when he had his first polar bear encounter.

“We were camped out on the sea ice in front of a maternal den waiting for [mama bear] to come out with her cubs,” he recalled.

“A polar bear came up and sniffed the tent, right where my head was, when I was sleeping in the middle of the night and went on its merry way.”