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Bob Weber

Evolutionary 'secret sauce' found

Research suggests hares and jackrabbits hopping along in the Rocky Mountains demonstrate the “secret sauce” for how animals can adapt to a new climate.

Scott Mills, lead author of a paper published recently in “Science,” says lessons from mixed populations of brown and white bunnies can be applied widely to help species adjust as the environment changes around them.

Winds of change blow even for black holes: study

EDMONTON—The winds of change blow—even around a black hole.

New Canadian-led research has peered into the strange world of black holes to discover they're girded by electromagnetic winds that not only influence how the super-dense interstellar bodies gobble up anything that gets too close, but also how they affect vast areas of space around them.

Pine beetles exploding from Jasper

EDMONTON—A massive and uncontrollable build-up of mountain pine beetles in Jasper National Park is starting to explode into commercially-valuable forests along its boundaries.

Foresters along the park's edge have seen a tenfold increase in beetle infestation in just months, and some scientists wonder if Parks Canada could have done more to control the invasion a few years ago.

Scientists might have cure for fungus on bats

Canadian scientists are racing to test a remedy they hope will save bats from a deadly fungus that already has killed millions of the winged mammals across the continent.

“We are feeling a real sense of urgency because that fungus is within a couple hundred kilometres of Vancouver,” said Cori Lausen, a biologist with the Wildlife Conservation Society Canada.