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Bill Krukoski

Answers needed

Dear editor:

About five years ago, town council, along with local doctors, held a public meeting at the local arena to advise residents regarding the following:

(1). Doctors did not want to be in the business of running a clinic.

(2). Wanted the community to enter a Family Health Team concept for local health care.

Progress, no

Dear editor:

In reflection of town council’s bylaw to fine town residents who feed deer, I wish to make the following comments:

1. Why council’s decision is wrong is it places absolutely no common sense or thought in their actions other than to say you feed deer, you’re a criminal, make them pay, problem solved.

Foolish plan

Dear editor:

We cannot believe there is a bylaw being prepared in the backdoor to eliminate sidewalks already established in town.

To further complicate matters, the statement that boulevards can be used to store snow in the winter, saving the town snow removal costs, is totally bizarre.

Rush, rush again

Dear Mr. Editor:

The town adopted a resolution and removed the traffic lights on Mowat Avenue at the corner where the duty-free store is (by Canada Customs). These lights cost tens of thousands of dollars to purchase and install.

The town removed these lights, stating publicly that they no longer were needed.

Time to act

Dear editor:

Thousands of direct and indirect jobs have been lost to mill closures across this country due to the crisis in the forest products industry.

AbitibiBowater has not been immune from this process nor have the citizens across this province—and that includes Fort Frances.