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Vikings miss playoff bid

MINNEAPOLIS—While taking the NFC North champion Chicago Bears to the playoffs for the first time in eight years, head coach Matt Nagy has displayed an energetic personality and aggressive mindset throughout his debut.

Even with their post-season position all but set, the Bears refused to let up. And they kept the rival Minnesota Vikings out of the playoffs in the process.

Only five teams return to playoffs

While the Kansas City Chiefs, New Orleans Saints, and L.A. Rams were mesmerizing pro football fans with their outlandish offensive onslaughts, something else might have gone unnoticed.

More teams that failed to make the playoffs in 2017 are in this season than there are repeaters.

Yep, seven of the 12 qualifiers didn't make it last year, some not coming close.

Thailand to honour beautiful, violent Siamese fighting fish

BANGKOK — The Siamese fighting fish, a popular beauty in home aquariums and a popular bet for gamblers for their violent territoriality, is set to become Thailand’s national aquatic animal.

The often brightly-hued fish is also called a betta, but government minister Suwapan Tanyuvardhana noted the species is clearly identifiable as Thai by its name: Siam is the old name for Thailand.