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Golden Temple dulled by pollution

AMRITSAR, India—The chronic air pollution blanketing much of northern India is now threatening the holiest shrine in the Sikh religion, making the once-gleaming walls of the Golden Temple dingy and dull.

There is little to be done short of replacing the 430-year-old temple’s gold-plated walls—an expensive project already undertaken more than a century ago and then again in 1999.

Scientist says charges against him false

LONDON—Italian scientist Dr. Paolo Macchiarini was once considered a pioneer in regenerative medicine, credited with creating the world’s first windpipe partially made from a patient’s own stem cells.

But in the last year, Macchiarini has been charged with falsifying his resume, and accused of scientific misconduct and misrepresenting his work.

US Coast Guard crew seizes cocaine off Panama

ALAMEDA, Calif. — A Northern California U.S. Coast Guard crew seized more than 6 tons of cocaine from a semi-submersible vessel off Panama’s Pacific coast, officials said.

The U.S. Coast Guard on Monday released a video of the March 3 bust, which included the arrest of four suspected drug smugglers seen sitting atop the blow-laden submersible with their hands up in the air.

Warriors ahead of pace

OAKLAND, Calif.—Klay Thompson got an earful from Draymond Green for his two-game total: 80 points and one assist.

Stephen Curry dished out the grief, too.

“He’s such a ball hog,” quipped Curry, who also is dishing off to Thompson at every chance.

Good thing Thompson’s shots are falling for Golden State.