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Firefighters from US, South Africa to arrive in Alberta

EDMONTON — Officials say about 1,000 additional fire crews from across Canada, the United States and South Africa will be joining the fight this week against a massive wildfire near Fort McMurray.

Alberta wildlife official Chad Morrison said Tuesday the blaze continues to move northeast away from communities and oil sands facilities in northern Alberta.

‘60 Minutes’ veteran dies

NEW YORK—During a visit last Friday with a frail Morley Safer, Tom Brokaw exchanged memories with him about fellow journalists Ben Bradlee, Don Hewitt, and others who had died.

“All the great ones are gone,” Safer said quietly to Brokaw, the veteran NBC newsman recalled.

“I said, ‘No, Morley, you’re still with us.’”

Yesterday, Safer’s death at age 84 swelled the loss.

Computer poem: A floor by any other name would still be ...

HANOVER, N.H. — In a Dartmouth College computer vs. humans contest, specifically how computers compared with people in writing poetry, scientists designed artificial intelligence algorithms to generate Shakespearean sonnets, of 14 lines and a particular meter. In every instance, judges were able to identify the sonnets produced by computer.